History & Events of  Captain, Alexander Houston Sanders:
Military: Civil War: Company A, 1st Tennessee Infantry (Confederate), 1861-1865, , Grundy, TN, USA. 19 Company A, 1st Tennessee Infantry (Confederate), under Peter Turney. He fought at Getteysburg, then was authorized to return home to raise a company of men. He accomplished his task and the new company became known as Co. C, 20th Tennessee Confederate Cavalry. He served as captain of his company until forced to surrender on 2 Jun 1865, after over four years of military service. He was in many major battles and was wounded numerous times and returned to Payne's Cove.

History: of Captain Alexander Houstan Sanders, , Grundy, TN, USA. 76 ...was one of the brave boys in gray in the Civil War doing his duty nobly and unflinchingly on field of battle or in Camp, is the man who today is serving to the best of his ability and that ability is of a high order, as Sheriff of Grundy County, the man who has ever been found in the foremost ranks of citizens who are devoted to their country's best interests and the welfare of their fellowmen in private life and official positions, always laboring for others with an unselfish devotion that well entitles him to a place among the honored and valued residents of Tracy City.
The Captain was born 20 Sep 1842 in Grundy County in that part known as Paynes's Cove, within a half mile of his father's birth place and is the son of Jacob and Martha (Yates) Sanders. The father was born in 1812...
Captain Sanders was raised at Paynes Cove and Tracy City, where he attended school to a limited extent but as his parents were poor, his education pribileg3es were meagre and he was early forced to earn his own livelihood. On the 27 of April 1861, he enlisted in Co. "A", 1st Tennessee Infantry under Colonel Peter Turney, his being the 1st Co. and regiment in the State to offer their services to the Confederacy and there was but few men in the Southern Army that fought longer than he and with more credit. He was with that command until after the battle of Gettysburg, when he was authorized to return home for the purpose of raising a company, which he did and which became known as Co. "C", 20th Tenn. Confederate Cavbalry. he served as Captain of his Co. until forced to surrender on the 2nd of June 1865.
After 4 years of faithful and ardous service during which he was wonded many times. he was in the first and second battles of Bull Run and the engagements at Yorktown, Seven Pines, Fair Oaks, Fredricksburg, Chancellorville, Gains Mill, Slaughter Mountain, Gettysburg and Harpers Ferry, receiving a gun shot through the arm at the last named place in a battle in Madison Co., Alabama. He had a leg broken by gun shot at McMinnville, Tenn., a bullet passed through his chin at Selma, Alabama. He received a bullet in his thigh which he still carries and in the last named place, while in a hand to had conflict with sabres, his own weapon was cut in two and thus left defenseless, he warded off the enemy with bare hands until one of his comrades shot his assailant, but his hands were badly cut.
After joining the 20th Tenn. Cavalry, he was with General Bedford Forrest in many engagements. The war having eded, Captain Sanders joined his father's family in Lincoln County, but soon after returned to Grundy County, where he has since made his home and his record as a citizen ranks favorably with that of a soldier for his career in every respect is above reproach and wll worthy of emulation.
He grieved over the death of Lincoln as much as if he had been his own father. 14 years ago he was elecyed a member of the County Court and filled the position for 8 years. In 1892 he was elected sheriff to fill the unexpired term of sheriff Rust who had died and he is still in office.
Authors Note: Article Published in 1898.